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Saturday, June 26th, 2010

In the U.S., a penny stock is a common stock that trades for less than $5 a share and are traded over the counter (OTC) through quotation services such as the OTCBB or the Pink Sheets. Although a penny stock is said to be “thinly traded,” share volumes traded daily can be in the hundreds of millions for a sub-penny stock, thank you Wikipedia.

Investing in Penny Stocks is of course, like any stock investment, risky. Especially so for the Penny Stocks because you won’t have as much information on the company as you do with the major stocks. But with risk, can come reward. Penny Stocks are one of the few stocks that double in price overnight. And it happens alot compared to a normal stock.

Trying to Invest in Penny Stocks is a lot like playing the Lottery, unless you can find someone or something that trades in ONLY PENNY STOCKS. The world’s first Stock Picking Robot, which they have named MARL, does just that. And Marl is very good at what he has been created to do, as all robots should be.

Marl has the uncanny ability to pick stocks that will double or triple in price overnight. That my friend is a real talent that I wish that I had. But if I did, you wouldn’t be reading this now because I would be on my Island relaxing from the long day on the beach. Anyway, Marl studies thousands of stocks continuously and looks for patterns and has been programmed to know what to look for and when to look for it and he announces what to pick and when to get out at a profit.

I know this sounds unbelievable but Marl has real data to back him up and he has real MILLIONAIRE friends to vouch for his ability. Lucky for you you can lease a Marl for yourself for the low low price of only $28,000.00. Whats that you say? I know. Me neither. So that would be the end of our little story if not for the kindness and generosity of the two Geeks. You see, Geeks aren’t usually greedy. Once they get all of their high-tech toys and latest game systems and fast cars they don’t really see the point in not sharing the wealth.

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Now it really is Lucky for You. They will let you subscribe to their newsletter that announces to you which stocks are going to double or more. This newsletter has been so successful it has been featured in Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. The only caveat is Marl wants you to report back to him if you really do invest in the stock so that he can continue to improve his algorithms. Not bad. The more you tell him the smarter he gets.

The best part is you can try the Newsletter FREE for 60 days!!!

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