warren buffet buys WARREN BUFFET BUYSThe purpose of this entry is to offer a quick recap of the most recent Warren Buffet buys. Mr. Buffet is one of the richest men in the world for good reason, and he’s arguably the most successful investor of all time. But should you trade or take a short term approach based on his purchases ?
Well that is up for debate. Some scalpers and day traders often make small percentage profits by just riding the momentum when Warren Buffet buys. These astute traders basically buy on the news and sell the rip.

WARREN BUFFET BUYS Has Investors Watching

However, that isn’t the way that Buffet makes money. As most already know, timing isn’t necessarily an issue for “The Oracle of Omaha”. If Buffet thinks the underlying business is cheap he steps in on the long side. If a current position is trading at a discount and the underlying fundamentals remain intact, Buffet averages in. In other words, holding for the long haul isn’t an issue.
Here are the most recent Warren Buffet buys:
Wells Fargo (WFC:NYSE) Increased his position in this long time financial holding on 6/30/2011. penny stocks market WFC closed at $25.19 on Thursday, and currently has a market cap of $133 billion.
Mastercard (MA:NYSE) Increased his position in the electronics payment processor on 6/30/2011. MA closed at $347.94 on Thursday, and has a present market cap of $44 billion.
Verisk (VRSK:NASDAQ) Buffet started a new position in VRSK on 6/30/2011. The company closed at $34.79, and currently has a market cap of roughly $5.7 billion.
Dollar General (DG:NYSE) Buffet also started a new position in DG on 6/30/2011. Shares of DG closed at $37.39 on Thursday, and has a market cap of roughly $12.7 billion.
Check back for more for information on stake buyers and color on Warren Buffet buys.

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Morgan Stanley (MS:NYSE)Beat analysts estimates today. The CDS spread of MS also narrowed, which is a bullish signal. Shares appear to have broken out if you look at the daily charts, but the weekly’s show some resistance in the $18 range.

Godfather Media (ENKG.PK) Shares of this sub penny stock are basically flat today, but currently top the list of the most active IHUB message boards. There isn’t much news out there other than the name change that happened yesterday. However, Rule 201 is now in effect, which is a tell that naked shorts are already in the name.

Microsoft (MSFT:NASDAQ) MSFT is basically a clone of the INTC story. Both company’s have not exactly been huge movers in the last few years, but they still carry the cache to bring buyers in if the sentiment changes. A break of $31.58 would be nice for MSFT.

Freeport MacMoran (FCX:NYSE) FCX had a small beat today, and the stock is up fractionally, while copper is off sharply. penny stocks gold Just remember, no matter how cheap the stock looks, it’s usually not wise to buy an equity when the underlying commodity that it’s related to is going lower.

Intel (INTC:NASDAQ) We have highlighted this name a few different times because of the stocks’ nice yield. Today, Fast Money just did an Intel versus Apple Computer segment. Jim Cramer has also been pounding the table on INTC, so don’t be surprised if this old stodgy tech name all of of a sudden becomes trendy again.

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YIPPY INC. | Penny Stocks

yipi YIPPY INC.Yippy Inc. (YIPI.PK)is an interesting story that is quite different from other penny stock scenarios. YIPI is best known for it’s search engine, which somewhat resembles Google’s homepage. As far as the stock price is concerned, YIPI has been an enigma to longs who have been in the name for the last couple of years.

Shares of YIPI closed on Tuesday at .40 cents on light volume of 77,737 shares after trading over $3 as recently as 2010. The shorter term trend has been miserable too, in July the stock was trading at $1.52.

Now YIPI is not your typical pink sheets penny stock, mainly because they are have a product that is known to many. At last check, Yippy.com was ranked 26,748 on Alexa.com, whose site monitors internet traffic. While YIPI’s Alexa ranking is fairly impressive, the traffic has not been properly monetized.

On the PR side though, YIPI has been fairly astute. penny stocks usa They issued releases involving an NFL related search engine and a deal with Gale Cengage. Both obviously big names. However, history has shown us that it’s difficult to gain traction in the highly competitive search engine space. So announcements like these tend to be more sizzle than steak.

YIPI Has Huge Upside

YIPI‘s management team also tried to put a positive spin on an event that knocked the shares down to the level that they are at today. In the simplest terms, YIPI had two outstanding promissory notes with Vivisimo Inc. that totaled $5 million. YIPI then engaged in negotiations and ironed out an agreement to give Vivisimo 2.5 million shares of restricted stock at $2 per share.

A PR was then issued by YIPI focusing on the favorable terms that they received. But ask your self this questions. Is YIPI cash poor ? And did Vivisimo take the shares with the view that something is better than nothing with the intention of selling the YIPI shares when the lockup expires and gaining a tax loss ?

These are issues that traders have to consider in the wild world of penny stocks. So at this point look for more color from us on this name. Despite the downtrend in the shares, YIPI is still senstive to news and can potentially be used as a trading vehicle.

So add YIPI to your penny stock list on a just in case basis.

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S&P 500 ETF (SPY:NYSE) Everyone is starting to get excited with Friday’s rally, but question’s still remain. Headline risk out of Europe still looms large, and even if the outcome of this mess is positive, we still could see institutions sell a gap up open Monday AM. On a risk/reward basis it might be wise for investors who don’t have a value or longer term view to stay on the sidelines.

Chipolte Mexican Grill (CMG:NYSE) The continued rise of CMG is causing quite a stir. CMG represents the typical smart money on both sides trade. Today’s Jim Cramer versus Herb Greenberg debate was classic, and Cramer has been on the money with CMG for a while. Still the charts might be telling us a different story, despite CMG‘s fast food niche. We are nearing double top territory and a blow off rally could interest new shorts, or bears who were blown up at lower prices and are just looking to revisit the trade.

JP Morgan (JPM:NYSE) JPM is a usual suspect on our stocks in play list. Mainly because of it’s influence on the financials which consequently weigh heavily on the broader averages. During earnings season, the banks have come up a little bit short, andJPM‘s performance today is somewhat concerning. In simpler terms, JPM should be trading better with the Dow and S&P ripping the way they are today. However, a close over 34. e cig penny stocks 10 or so on heavy volume could bring some swing traders in.

Potash (POT:NYSE)I know we mention the Ag’s on a frequent basis, an I apologize if you are getting sick of hearing about them. However, some long only commodity types have used this group to hide out. As evidenced in the basing pattern of POT‘s chart. A break of $50.73 on heavy volume could make POT a prop trading favorite again.

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5 Stocks to Watch | Penny Stocks

Here are list of stocks to watch on Monday. The range from penny stocks to large caps and may be in play on either a long or short basis.

IShares Silver Trust (SLV:NYSE) Silver is once again up huge in the pre-market. The $50 psyche number is starting to look like it actually might come into play. Even after this massive run, shares of SLV could have some sympathy based impact on Silver based penny stocks, on both the pink sheets and bulletin board. Also, it’s likely that shorts have placed buy stop orders above that $50 mark.

Entropic Communications (ENTR:NASDAQ) This always volatile and heavily shorted stock is trending on Yahoo’s Market Pulse function. ENTR remains a great vehicle for both longs and shorts and isn’t on many firms’ hard to borrow list. Shares have the ability to swing 1+ points in a day even though the stock is under $10. Add this one to your list, but trade it carefully if you decide to act.

Quasar Aerospaces (QASP.PK) As always, we try to highlight the top penny stock message board on IHUB. penny stocks quebec Mainly because the stock in the top slot often makes a decent percentage move the next trading day. Sometimes that move is up and often it’s down. Either way, shares of QASP will probably see some activity from the sub penny stocks crowd.

Kimberly Clark (KMB:NYSE) Day traders will probably play this frequently today based on earnings. Shares of KMB are down pre market and the bias might remain negative in the short term if a slew of downgrades come. However, there seems to be decent support in the 61ish area. KMB cited higher materials costs being the main cog in the earnings miss.

Silver Wheaton (SLW:NYSE) This one has appeared on this list of stocks before. Shares of the silver streamer have pulled back a little from the year high, but today’s breakout on the SLV could restart SLW’s move higher. If you don’t like ETF’s, SLW is a great alternative to actually buying the physical metal, or silver penny stocks.

Please stay tuned for more alerts on some of the best penny stocks and IPO updates

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