5 Stocks to Watch | Penny Stocks

Here are list of stocks to watch on Monday. The range from penny stocks to large caps and may be in play on either a long or short basis.

IShares Silver Trust (SLV:NYSE) Silver is once again up huge in the pre-market. The $50 psyche number is starting to look like it actually might come into play. Even after this massive run, shares of SLV could have some sympathy based impact on Silver based penny stocks, on both the pink sheets and bulletin board. Also, it’s likely that shorts have placed buy stop orders above that $50 mark.

Entropic Communications (ENTR:NASDAQ) This always volatile and heavily shorted stock is trending on Yahoo’s Market Pulse function. ENTR remains a great vehicle for both longs and shorts and isn’t on many firms’ hard to borrow list. Shares have the ability to swing 1+ points in a day even though the stock is under $10. Add this one to your list, but trade it carefully if you decide to act.

Quasar Aerospaces (QASP.PK) As always, we try to highlight the top penny stock message board on IHUB. penny stocks quebec Mainly because the stock in the top slot often makes a decent percentage move the next trading day. Sometimes that move is up and often it’s down. Either way, shares of QASP will probably see some activity from the sub penny stocks crowd.

Kimberly Clark (KMB:NYSE) Day traders will probably play this frequently today based on earnings. Shares of KMB are down pre market and the bias might remain negative in the short term if a slew of downgrades come. However, there seems to be decent support in the 61ish area. KMB cited higher materials costs being the main cog in the earnings miss.

Silver Wheaton (SLW:NYSE) This one has appeared on this list of stocks before. Shares of the silver streamer have pulled back a little from the year high, but today’s breakout on the SLV could restart SLW’s move higher. If you don’t like ETF’s, SLW is a great alternative to actually buying the physical metal, or silver penny stocks.

Please stay tuned for more alerts on some of the best penny stocks and IPO updates

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