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Definition of penny stocks, also known as micro-cap stocks, varies. Fund termed as a penny stock on the basis of its market capitalization and shareholder value. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the action is termed as penny stock if its share price below $5. However, many of the investors’ community believe that the penny stock is one with a share price of $ 1 or less. As junk bonds compared with bonds to investment grade debt market, penny stocks, compared with blue-chip stock markets.

If you’re going to invest in penny stocks you need to know the difference between penny stocks and other stocks such as blue chips and mid-cap. Although the performance of mid-cap and large cap stocks in the first place, the foundations, some analysts believe that the performance of a penny stocks in the first place, investor speculation. If we analyze the basis of 100 stocks penny, perhaps only two or three will generate high returns.

Despite the problems associated with penny stocks, some investors intend to invest in penny stocks because they believe that many of the blue chips today, such as, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Wal Mart (NYSE: WMT) was once a penny runoff. Nevertheless, the share prices of these companies are almost never trading for pennies, but it seems that way, if you look at the price adjusted for stock splits. Many investors ignore this fact.

Since many penny stocks are traded on the pink sheets and not scrutinized by SEC, you will be more difficult to find reliable information about them.

Penny stocks often lack liquidity, which means that investors will be difficult to buy or sell. The lack of liquidity often helps fraudulent investors to manipulate stock prices. SEC itself in Schedule 15G states that: “Investors in hot penny stock to be aware of the fact that they may lose all their investment.”

Smaller shares are traded on the OTC exchange has a greater chance of being excluded due to lack of compliance. If a particular company is not able to list its shares on the Stock Exchange or another has been restored, you can lose 100% of your investment. You should consider it seriously, if you intend to take long positions in a penny stock.

Some new investors are attracted by cheap stocks, given their low price and the possibility of substantial gains. There have been instances where penny stocks rose more than 1000% in a few days in the past, but this is extremely rare and often the price is not sustainable. There is historical evidence that most penny stocks lose their entire value. If you are a new investor, you should be aware of the risks.

If you still want to invest in penny stocks, no relevant studies of the foundations of society and ignore preconceived theories about the successes of penny stocks in the past.

By: Paulv Robert

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The penny stocks belong to the companies that traded at a price below $5. They are traded outside the stock exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE etc. They are traded over the counter through quotation services like Pink Sheets. However, there are huge risks involved in trading them, that is why they are tagged as the “the slot machines of the equity market”. They are also thinly’ traded and have limited following and disclosure. However, with the help of expert advices and right information you can get hold of the penny stocks that will bring you huge return at a low investment.

However, the penny stocks have certain regulations about them. If these are not followed a red flag will go up. Firstly, a penny stock in order to be sold by a broker to you should have a written approval from you. The broker should also provide you with a detailed document that tells you about the risk associated with such trading.

The assessment of the risks includes the price for each share that the company will receive from the trading. A percentage of it will be committed to the broker involved. Once your account is in place, the company will give an estimate of the value of each share on a monthly basis. If everything runs in track then you will have lucrative deal.

The penny stocks bring a huge return for little investment. As a result it is a pet stock with seasoned traders. It also draws those who are quite a novice to the stock market. But remember that all stocks will not bring you good returns. There are lots of scams that exit in this arena. Lots of such stocks are fraudulent which are just placed there to gull the new traders. They are made to buy a wad of such stocks and given to believe that they have done a square deal.

There is a public opinion that it is difficult to select the right stocks. Well, this is not so. Even if you are a greenhorn, you can do it well by taking some careful steps. To begin with, visit a penny stock site. There you will come across dozens of resources that will give you a clue as to which stock to pick.

However, most of these sites are paid sites. Some of them need a registration at the minimum. Incase a contribution is to be made to get the information, it is very minimal. Moreover it is worth the dollars you shell out as it will help you take an informed decision about buying penny stocks. However, besides gathering information from the Internet, you should also consult an expert, who is veteran at the stock market. The information that will be present in the websites may not be true always. Sometime a website could be a fake one, so you should take sufficient care before banking on one of those. However if you follow these simple steps carefully, you are here to get a profitable return.

By: Joe Slanton

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Penny Stocks | Make Money From Penny Stocks – How To Become A Great Trader | Penny Stocks List

Like the Harvard business school story, only 10% of penny stock traders make money and the remaining 90% don’t. If you want to join the group of traders that have been making money successfully year after year, then you have to sit up and read the following tips.

1. Have a plan and stick to it.

Great traders do a lot of research, test different trading styles and finally settle with the strategy that fits their profile. They have a well documented plan and they stick to it. They prepare well before the market opens. A plan will help you to avoid becoming an emotional trader. Every single trade is planned. They decide before hand the quantity, the price they are willing to pay, their exit profit target, their stop loss etc before entering into a trade.

2. Avoid distraction

We live in an era of information overload. It is so easy to get carried away by the latest trends. Learn to focus on what is important to your penny stock trading strategy. Keep sight of the broader trends. Great traders don’t let news about the latest trending stock derail their plan for the day’s trading.

3. Learn and keep learning

Most people that go into penny stock trading see it as a get rich quick method. This mentality will make you fail in penny stock trading. Practice makes perfect. You have to serve your time in the stock trading school of screen time and experience before you can become a wealthy trader. Great traders use continuous learning and adaptation to constantly stay ahead and create new and ingenious methods to profit from market changes. Penny stock trading is like becoming a great artist, it requires focus and time to develop the skills that makes you great.

4. Know yourself and leverage on your strengths

As you continue to grow as a penny stock trader you will come to realize your unique set of skills and expertise. Use your best skills in investing and protect yourself from your weaknesses by getting help from other people when necessary. Understand that individuals, for example, have far fewer resources when it comes to stock selection than large institutions. For example, you can’t compete with the big corporations when it comes to research but you can have more flexibility because you are not bogged down by bureaucracy.

5. Know the tools of the trade

Great penny stock traders have a mastery of trade tools charts, news feeds etc. They know all the features on the charts and how to quickly extract relevant information for a particular trade. These tools are a very vital part of a trader’s work. The more you master your tools the better you will be at executing trading strategies.

6. You can be wrong

Access to extensive trade tools does not exclude the human factor of error. Your analysis might go totally wrong at times. Great investors recognize mistakes quickly. Remain objective and write down the reasons for buying a penny stocks. When things start to go wrong you can check the list and know where you were wrong. This will rapidly accelerate your learning curve. Not all investment decisions will work out as planned. Recognize when to get out and move on.

By: James Morre

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Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks – An Unknown Investment Game | Penny Stocks List

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

In the U.S., a penny stock is a common stock that trades for less than $5 a share and are traded over the counter (OTC) through quotation services such as the OTCBB or the Pink Sheets. Although a penny stock is said to be “thinly traded,” share volumes traded daily can be in the hundreds of millions for a sub-penny stock, thank you Wikipedia.

Investing in Penny Stocks is of course, like any stock investment, risky. Especially so for the Penny Stocks because you won’t have as much information on the company as you do with the major stocks. But with risk, can come reward. Penny Stocks are one of the few stocks that double in price overnight. And it happens alot compared to a normal stock.

Trying to Invest in Penny Stocks is a lot like playing the Lottery, unless you can find someone or something that trades in ONLY PENNY STOCKS. The world’s first Stock Picking Robot, which they have named MARL, does just that. And Marl is very good at what he has been created to do, as all robots should be.

Marl has the uncanny ability to pick stocks that will double or triple in price overnight. That my friend is a real talent that I wish that I had. But if I did, you wouldn’t be reading this now because I would be on my Island relaxing from the long day on the beach. Anyway, Marl studies thousands of stocks continuously and looks for patterns and has been programmed to know what to look for and when to look for it and he announces what to pick and when to get out at a profit.

I know this sounds unbelievable but Marl has real data to back him up and he has real MILLIONAIRE friends to vouch for his ability. Lucky for you you can lease a Marl for yourself for the low low price of only $28,000.00. Whats that you say? I know. Me neither. So that would be the end of our little story if not for the kindness and generosity of the two Geeks. You see, Geeks aren’t usually greedy. Once they get all of their high-tech toys and latest game systems and fast cars they don’t really see the point in not sharing the wealth.

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Now it really is Lucky for You. They will let you subscribe to their newsletter that announces to you which stocks are going to double or more. This newsletter has been so successful it has been featured in Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. The only caveat is Marl wants you to report back to him if you really do invest in the stock so that he can continue to improve his algorithms. Not bad. The more you tell him the smarter he gets.

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Nowadays, more and more people are looking for solutions to their financial problems, as their monthly income is insufficient for their needs. It is a period when people are willing to earn more money so they could buy the things they want. Under these circumstances, it is understandable that those with fixed incomes will also look for alternative sources of revenue. One of these possibilities is represented by the fact that the person can become a penny stock trader. In this way, buying and selling penny stocks wisely, will provide the trader with some money on the side.

For those people who are not familiar with what penny stocks mean, it is important to underline that a penny stock is one of the common stocks trades for a smaller sum than five dollars. On this market, the participants usually trade with the help of over the counter (OTC) instruments, which are established directly between two parties. In this way, many partners can trade their stocks, in correspondence with what they need to buy or what they have for sale. The important thing is that people find the right price for them, because otherwise, they won’t obtain the right amount of revenue they want.

In order to be successful on the penny stock market, like in any other domain, knowledge and information is really important. So, before you start trading, you must learn first the basics of this business. And one source of important information available for anyone is the Internet; all a person interested in penny stocks has to do, is to make a quick search and many links related to this domain will reveal itself. The most important thing is to select those sources which are offering many details about what a person must do to have success in this branch.

There are many websites where you can find lot of information with different techniques that each person can use on penny stock market. Also, there are sites where you can register and you will receive in your mail box the latest newsletters with everything that is new about penny stocks, things that will help you a lot when you make a trade. In this way, you can find out when is good for you to sell your stocks or when is the right moment for you to buy others. Also, you can learn which penny stocks are in top for buying and selling for now.

There are companies concentrated on offering the right platform of services for trading penny stocks, especially now, when the Internet is connecting you with other people from different places. In this way, you can trade with partners from different regions, so your location doesn’t matter too much. In order to be able to do this, you’ll need a collaborative platform to communicate efficiently with your business partners. This is not a guarantee of having huge profits in your trades, but it guarantees you that you won’t have technical problems during the trade. And sometimes this is what makes the difference between succeeding and failing in this business.

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Penny Stocks | Rules On Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks List

Introduction to Penny Stock: The common understanding about penny stock in financial market of US is a kind of stock trading outside major stock exchanges. The major stock exchanges in US are NYSE and NASDAQ where the major stock trading takes place. For a beginner, the investment in penny stock may be a good option but at the same time he or she should understand all the related terms and the rules associated with penny stocks.

SEC Definition on Penny Stocks: Although the definition provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission is open with respect to the trading of penny stocks, these are generally not traded in NYSE or NASDAQ. There is a rare chance that these will be traded at any foreign exchange, however the Securities and Exchange Commission has put the higher ceiling of $5.0 for these speculative stocks.

US Securities and Exchange Commission: The mission and aim of the US Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect the investors from fraud, scam or other type of misappropriation. The commission is also ensure that the markets are efficient and fair. The commission also facilitates capital formation. The commission encourages more and more investors to get benefit from the share markets. It is one of the pillars for improving the economy of United States that will result more healthy opportunities for employment and better health and living standards for common people of United States.

The role of the commission is not limited to ensure proper protection of investors but it is also responsible for framing various rules and guidelines for smooth functioning of stock exchanges. It also lay guidelines for companies desirous to collect money from the market and strictly monitor the financial and other activities of such companies. It also ensures that the companies are taking care of their investors according to the rules and guidelines.

SEC Rules on Penny Stocks: As per the rules laid down by SEC, a broker or dealer is required to approve the customer desirous to sell the penny stock before the transaction. The broker should also get a written request from such customer.

SEC rules that a customer desirous to purchase a penny stock should be provided a document mentioning the risk involved in the penny stock. The broker or dealer should also inform the customer the current market rate of the penny stock and the commission that will be charged by the broker.

SEC further rules that a monthly statement of the account showing the current market rates of each penny stock held by the customer in his or her account should be send to the customer.

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Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks: From Little Pennies To Big Dollars? | Penny Stocks List

Many investors and brokers may claim that investing in penny stocks is a good way to start small and end big. Buying penny stocks means buying low-priced shares of small businesses and companies. Penny stocks are much less ?liquid? than other types of stocks, as penny stocks have few shareholders. For some investors, an initial small investment in penny stocks can mean big returns later on.

But penny stocks are considered a high-risk investment. They trade infrequently, meaning that it may be difficult to sell penny stock when desired. There is a chance that, when investing in penny stocks, you will lose your entire investment. For some traders, this type of excitement and risk is simply the name of the game. Others prefer ?safer? investments. But the final choice is yours. With penny stocks, can you turn little pennies into big dollars?

Of course it’s possible. With the stock market, anything is possible. Penny stocks are unique in that they are not traded on the big exchanges, rather over-the-counter. Investors who are interested in penny stocks can look for potential investments on Pink Sheets and like documents. Penny stocks are neither approved, nor disapproved, by the SEC. They are legal, but they are risky. They are small investments, for investors who want to make smaller, but potentially more dangerous, investments.

However, some of the claims about penny stocks are true. Shares in penny stocks are very affordably priced, and there is always the hope that this investment will in fact bring in big results. For those who want to get a taste of the stock market, penny stocks may be a good way to start. Learn more about penny stocks, and follow the progress of some penny stocks, to see if this is something you think you’d like to pursue. Don’t take someone else’s word for it, but track the progress of penny stocks for yourself. This is a great way to learn more about not just penny stocks, but the stock market in general. By learning all you can about penny stocks, you set yourself up for future success. The more you know about trading, the better you will probably be at it. If you do want to start with smaller investments, penny stocks can help you make it happen.

Talk with other investors, and your broker if you have one, to find out more about penny stocks. Speaking with other investors is a great way to have questions answers, as well as pick up valuable information and advice. The more your know, the more informed decisions you will make ? and this will help you get that big return that you’re looking for. Can you get big dollars from little pennies? There’s only one way to find out.

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warren buffet buys WARREN BUFFET BUYSThe purpose of this entry is to offer a quick recap of the most recent Warren Buffet buys. Mr. Buffet is one of the richest men in the world for good reason, and he’s arguably the most successful investor of all time. But should you trade or take a short term approach based on his purchases ?
Well that is up for debate. Some scalpers and day traders often make small percentage profits by just riding the momentum when Warren Buffet buys. These astute traders basically buy on the news and sell the rip.

WARREN BUFFET BUYS Has Investors Watching

However, that isn’t the way that Buffet makes money. As most already know, timing isn’t necessarily an issue for “The Oracle of Omaha”. If Buffet thinks the underlying business is cheap he steps in on the long side. If a current position is trading at a discount and the underlying fundamentals remain intact, Buffet averages in. In other words, holding for the long haul isn’t an issue.
Here are the most recent Warren Buffet buys:
Wells Fargo (WFC:NYSE) Increased his position in this long time financial holding on 6/30/2011. penny stocks market WFC closed at $25.19 on Thursday, and currently has a market cap of $133 billion.
Mastercard (MA:NYSE) Increased his position in the electronics payment processor on 6/30/2011. MA closed at $347.94 on Thursday, and has a present market cap of $44 billion.
Verisk (VRSK:NASDAQ) Buffet started a new position in VRSK on 6/30/2011. The company closed at $34.79, and currently has a market cap of roughly $5.7 billion.
Dollar General (DG:NYSE) Buffet also started a new position in DG on 6/30/2011. Shares of DG closed at $37.39 on Thursday, and has a market cap of roughly $12.7 billion.
Check back for more for information on stake buyers and color on Warren Buffet buys.

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Morgan Stanley (MS:NYSE)Beat analysts estimates today. The CDS spread of MS also narrowed, which is a bullish signal. Shares appear to have broken out if you look at the daily charts, but the weekly’s show some resistance in the $18 range.

Godfather Media (ENKG.PK) Shares of this sub penny stock are basically flat today, but currently top the list of the most active IHUB message boards. There isn’t much news out there other than the name change that happened yesterday. However, Rule 201 is now in effect, which is a tell that naked shorts are already in the name.

Microsoft (MSFT:NASDAQ) MSFT is basically a clone of the INTC story. Both company’s have not exactly been huge movers in the last few years, but they still carry the cache to bring buyers in if the sentiment changes. A break of $31.58 would be nice for MSFT.

Freeport MacMoran (FCX:NYSE) FCX had a small beat today, and the stock is up fractionally, while copper is off sharply. penny stocks gold Just remember, no matter how cheap the stock looks, it’s usually not wise to buy an equity when the underlying commodity that it’s related to is going lower.

Intel (INTC:NASDAQ) We have highlighted this name a few different times because of the stocks’ nice yield. Today, Fast Money just did an Intel versus Apple Computer segment. Jim Cramer has also been pounding the table on INTC, so don’t be surprised if this old stodgy tech name all of of a sudden becomes trendy again.

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YIPPY INC. | Penny Stocks

yipi YIPPY INC.Yippy Inc. (YIPI.PK)is an interesting story that is quite different from other penny stock scenarios. YIPI is best known for it’s search engine, which somewhat resembles Google’s homepage. As far as the stock price is concerned, YIPI has been an enigma to longs who have been in the name for the last couple of years.

Shares of YIPI closed on Tuesday at .40 cents on light volume of 77,737 shares after trading over $3 as recently as 2010. The shorter term trend has been miserable too, in July the stock was trading at $1.52.

Now YIPI is not your typical pink sheets penny stock, mainly because they are have a product that is known to many. At last check, was ranked 26,748 on, whose site monitors internet traffic. While YIPI’s Alexa ranking is fairly impressive, the traffic has not been properly monetized.

On the PR side though, YIPI has been fairly astute. penny stocks usa They issued releases involving an NFL related search engine and a deal with Gale Cengage. Both obviously big names. However, history has shown us that it’s difficult to gain traction in the highly competitive search engine space. So announcements like these tend to be more sizzle than steak.

YIPI Has Huge Upside

YIPI‘s management team also tried to put a positive spin on an event that knocked the shares down to the level that they are at today. In the simplest terms, YIPI had two outstanding promissory notes with Vivisimo Inc. that totaled $5 million. YIPI then engaged in negotiations and ironed out an agreement to give Vivisimo 2.5 million shares of restricted stock at $2 per share.

A PR was then issued by YIPI focusing on the favorable terms that they received. But ask your self this questions. Is YIPI cash poor ? And did Vivisimo take the shares with the view that something is better than nothing with the intention of selling the YIPI shares when the lockup expires and gaining a tax loss ?

These are issues that traders have to consider in the wild world of penny stocks. So at this point look for more color from us on this name. Despite the downtrend in the shares, YIPI is still senstive to news and can potentially be used as a trading vehicle.

So add YIPI to your penny stock list on a just in case basis.

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